Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Enera Enterprises specializes in commercial and residential real estate acquisition, management, and development. We were founded in 2007 on the principles of building an enduring investment portfolio and developing projects through sustainable practices that benefit the long-term well-being of the communities

Through a conservative approach to investment and development, we identify and invest in long-term opportunities that embody the potential for solid returns, future growth, and re-development possibilities.

Along with striving to discover and invest in long-term opportunities with stable earnings and the prospect of future growth, we are guided by a core belief that the resources we commit to our projects must be targeted to ensure they achieve our goals in ethical and sustainable ways.

Focussed on Sustainable Growth



Our executive management of Enera Enterprises has over 20 years of real estate investment and development experience. Under this leadership, Enera has grown its portfolio of prime revenue-generating properties to comprise of investments throughout Western Canada as well as in Manhattan, New York.

Focussed on sustainable growth, the leadership and management structure of Enera is poised to continue targeting new opportunities as it adds to its existing portfolio of real estate investments and developments.


Our investment and development philosophy are based on five key principles that form the foundation of everything we do.

Uncompromising in Action

We are resolute in how we operate and follow a belief that "if we do it, we do it well". Everything we undertake is done to the best of our ability and we do not compromise on quality or our commitment.

Independent in Thought

We define the world through our own experiences, judgement and conclusions. "Following the herd" is not part of our DNA and the ideas we form, actions we take, and results we seek come from innovative thinking.

Practical in Execution

How we fulfill our vision, and how we execute our strategies and plans is always done in a way that is based on a proven methodology that is results-driven.

Creative in Approach

Original ideas and discovering uncommon solutions that are designed to be uniquely effective is the foundation of how we approach challenges and opportunities.

Contemporary in Vision

Our vision and how we see the world is founded on the ideas of today and tomorrow. We look for solutions that are innovative, forward thinking, and focussed on creating solutions that are enduring.

Investment opportunities

Enera has a long tradition of working with a select group of investors on a range of projects and developments and we are always looking to expand our network with partners who share our vision and values.

For more information of upcoming investment opportunities, please contact us at: